One-stop SaaS-based mobility platform with the latest moving technologies, we simplify all operations for moving companies. An all-in-one moving software, we integrate websites, manage leads, increase sales, provide dedicated CRM, automated quotes & much more. Join Moversly mobile app to make your business efficient & profitable!

Grow your Business with Moversly

Growth Hacker

We channel client leads directly to your moving company & help you with better sales management. Higher lead capture equals to increased sales.

Increase Productivity

We streamline lead generation and online estimations for your moving company, saving you precious time. Time is money!

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee better customer satisfaction as all information is digitally transferred eliminating delay in responses to customer queries.


Manage leads, sales, allocate movers, schedule jobs and much more with a dedicated all-in-one CRM.


Provide accurate quotes based on standardized volume and distance. Fixed prices, no hidden costs.

Customer Experience

Earn customer trust and enhance company credibility with professional relocation management & higher transparency.

Other Expertise

Destination Agents, Off-site agents, Movers, Inventory tools, Automatic emails, Digitize Docs, etc.

Make your moving company smarter, cost efficient & reliable with our powerful all-in-one moving software.

Benefits for Movers

  • Real-Time Tracking of Shipment
  • Standardized Quotes
  • Best-in-class CRM Services
  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Digitized Documents & Bill of Lading.
  • E-Invoice & POS
  • Managing Inventory Tool
  • Custom Language & Currency
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions
  • Raise Survey Requests to Customers
  • Improved Company Profile

Ocean Freight Carriers & Agents

We provide end-to-end solutions for ocean freight agents. Reap the benefits of smart logistics with our intelligent logistics tools. We offer booking management, accurate information, communication & networking, automated workflows, instant bookings for smaller volumes, third-party logistics, intelligent tracking, real-time notifications, FCL and LCL bookings, payment management, and flexible & reduced shipping costs to help you maximize profits! Join our subscription to get access to state-of the-art ocean freight management.


User Friendly

Moversly offers easy to navigate user interface where you can easily access all the information you require.

Real-Time Tracking

Manage ocean freight with an easy-to-navigate dashboard with real-time shipment updates.

Comprehensive Software

Moversly can automate workflows & daily tasks, provide digital invoices and online payments, streamlining your business.

Extended Support

Moversly provides extended support by sending timely notifications to customers for deliveries.

Benefits for Destination Agents

  • Get Multiple Bookings for Free
  • Digitized Documentation
  • System Generated Quotes
  • Get Bookings Anytime & Anywhere
  • Automated Rates
  • Automated Integration of Workflows

Why you should join Moversly?

Moversly aims to bring all the stakeholders of the relocation industry together in one platform, helping them to grow their business & thrive successfully.

  • Greater Sales
  • Manage operations on-the-go with smart moving tools
  • Powerful & Reliable Software
  • Digitized Documents (easy instructions for documentation)
  • Automated Costing
  • Cost Savings (especially for start-up moving companies)
  • Instant communication with teams, leads and quick turn around
  • Higher Transparency
  • Easy Payment Management
  • Online BoLs & Invoices
  • Expand your Client Database
  • Multi-platform support (iOS, & Android)
  • Growth for your Business